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Find car owner from reg check:

There are certain limits to find the vehicle ownership data when you run a reg check.

The online license plate search helps to disclose the number of previous keepers from the first registered owner. Also, if the previous owners change their VRM, then our report tells the changed VRM and date.

Is the vehicle number plate forged?

The best way to find if the license plate number has been cloned is to carry out the online registration check.

Few people intend to hide the vehicle's history, and it can be stolen, or it still owes a debt to someone or severely damaged. Ensure you confirm the vehicle VRM with the details known from VIN, logbook information.

Is the car owner's personal details available online?

However, if you are interested in finding the car owner's personal details by registration number, then no online service provider will let you know. It is unlawful to share the owner details or address on the third-party site.

If you need to know who owns this car, you can directly contact the DVLA by applying the V888 form. However, reveal the car owner details for a reasonable cause.

What is included in the car owner registration check?

  • check Date of registration
  • check Total number of previous keepers
  • check Vehicle age
  • check Number plate change history
  • check Current and previous owner VRM
  • check Colour change
  • check If the car is imported one and much more

What more reasons to use vehicle history reports?

Some buyers still believe online adverts for buying a used car. It is not a crime when you choose to buy a car online, but the question is, did you confirm the vehicle is issue-free?

Thankfully, The Auto Experts full reports will include the required car history, even the number of previous keepers for any UK registered vehicle to conclude the vehicle's strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle registered keepers are responsible for insuring, taxing and maintaining the logbook and also must have a proper MOT. The car owner is the one who paid for the vehicle. The car owner can be a registered keeper in some cases.

You need to fill the form however it depends on;
  • Fill V888 form if it is an individual
  • Fill form V888/3 if the company issues parking or trespass
  • Form V888/2A request the keeper's name and address
  • Form V888/2B request information about a vehicle
You can send requests to DVLA by email or post.

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