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Why should you get a bike history report?

A bike history report is essential when considering the purchase of a used bike. This can be helpful in determining whether the bike has been stolen or involved in any accidents. In addition, the report can also provide information on the bike’s DVLA MOT status and any outstanding finance. As a result, performing a bike history check can give you peace of mind when purchasing a used bike.

You should also ask to see the bike’s service history and any receipts. If you’re still unsure, you can contact the bike’s manufacturer to check whether the serial number is valid.

How to check outstanding finance on a bike?

When you’re looking to buy a used bike, it’s important to ensure there is no outstanding finance on the vehicle. If the motorbike you are purchasing has outstanding finance, then the legal owner of the bike is the finance company, not the person selling it to you. This can cause all sorts of problems down the line, so it’s best to avoid bikes with outstanding finance altogether.

Fortunately, checking for outstanding finance is relatively easy. In the UK, you can do a bike check online. Enter the bike’s registration number, and you can see if there is any outstanding finance on the vehicle. Once you have this information, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy the bike.

How do you check the VIN of a motorcycle before purchasing it?

Before buying a motorcycle, it’s important to check the vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN can be found on the V5C registration document or on a metal plate attached to the motorbike. If you’re buying a used motorcycle, you should also check for any signs of damage or tampering. You can get a free vehicle history check by entering the reg number at

This will tell you if the motorcycle has been registered as stolen, written off by an insurance company, or has any outstanding finance.

Check the bike is not damaged

Before buying a used bike, It’s important to check your bike for any accidental damage. They will usually check for structural damage and repair any damage that they find.

A damaged bike is dangerous, and a half-repaired bike is even worse, because faulty repairs can lead to unexpected accidents. Bikes are built to come to a safe stop after severe structural damage. Getting a bike check can help you find the perfect bike.

Check to see if your bike has been clocked

If you’re thinking of buying a used bike, it’s important to check whether it has been clocked. One way to do this is to look for wear and tear on the bike that doesn’t match up with the stated mileage. This can be done either by winding back the odometer or by replacing it with one from a similar bike with lower mileage.

Cloned bikes often have false serial numbers and documents, so if you’re thinking of buying a used bike, it’s important to check that the serial number matches the one on the frame.

You can also use an online bike valuation tool to check the bike’s value against its stated mileage. If there’s a significant discrepancy, there’s a good chance the bike has been clocked.

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MotorbikeTax and Insurance

It is essential to tax your bike before driving it on the road, as driving any vehicle without being taxed is illegal and may result in a fine. Tax is not transferable, and you must ensure that you have paid your vehicle’s tax.

It is also necessary to obtain insurance for your motorcycle.

You must have at least third-party insurance before you can drive on the road. Using the Bike Check, you can look up your bike’s tax dues and other useful information.


How can I find the address of the vehicle owner by number plate?

It is possible to get the address and name of the vehicle owner via the DVLA’s online service, but there are several steps you need to follow. 

DVLA holds address details of every vehicle registered in the UK, but it does not make them available to the public. DVLA does however provide a service for very specific types of enquiries for vehicle owner details and will only disclose this information if there is a legitimate reason.

Instead of conducting your own investigation, it would be much better to contact  the DVLA or the local government. The GOV.UK website holds more information about your local authority, which includes a useful lookup option.

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