A Detailed Guide to FREE and FULL Car History Check Report

As the UK government is easing lockdown, allowing small businesses to resume operation, it is probably the best time to buy a used car. The economic slowdown negatively impacted the used car market, with prices falling sharply. But be aware before you make your buying decision! You should not judge a vehicle from its looks or test driving it.

Take a Vehicle History Report to know everything about the car’s past. You can go for a free car check report or pay a little to get a full car history report.

We will list down the differences between free and paid reports below, so you can decide which check is suitable for you. However, first off, here is something about the vehicle history report.

car history check

What is a Vehicle History Report?

A vehicle history report contains all the information about a vehicle’s past, from its oil change to changing owners and number plates and more. This data is very crucial as well as beneficial for both buyers and sellers. It compels the sellers to be honest about their vehicle, helping them in selling or trade-ins.

On the other hand, it offers buyers all the information they need to trust their purchase and negotiate the price.

Now you have understood what a car history check is, let us discuss what’s best for you: free or total vehicle check?

How can I check a car’s history for free in the UK?

To get a free car history report, enter your vehicle registration number (VRM) and click ‘Check Vehicle’ to get a free car history report. Our Free checks include vehicle description, export status, MOT, Tax (VED status) & 20+ data points. Get a Premium report to get all features and critical checks for ultimate peace of mind.

What’s included in free car check report?

A free car check will provide you with essential information about a vehicle. However, not every free car check is equal. If we talk about the best service in the UK, they should provide you with the following details.

  1. MOT status and MOT due date
  2. Vehicle tax status
  3. Vehicle registration date and age
  4. Odometer reading (mileage) in the latest MOT examination
  5. Simple car details like its Make, Model, Fuel Type, Vehicle Colour, No of doors, no of seats, no of gears, and engine size.
  6. Complete projected car running cost per year (according to fuel expenses, tax rate, and MOT rate).
  7. Vehicle financial and ecological information (this encompasses fuel expenditure and CO2 emission numbers).
  8. Vehicle performance data (this includes Top speed, Power RPM, Power BHP, Power KW, and Torque).
  9. Complete vehicle MOT history involving advisory and failure notices.

Comparing this service with the previous, you can see which one provides more details. Therefore, do not trust every free check on the internet.

Full Vehicle Check

A full vehicle history report comes with a lot of perks such as

  1. Outstanding finance
  2. Car’s accident
  3. If it was stolen
  4. Flagged as High-Risk
  5. Mileage inconsistency
  6. Vehicle owner check
  7. Number plate change history
  8. Colours change history, last 5 VIN number
  9. Vehicle evaluation
  10. Scrap check

How can I find out how many owners a car has had?

You can get the vehicle registration number using VIN. Once you find the reg number of a vehicle, you can check the previous owners’ details by availing a car owner check.

Should You Opt for a Free Car Check or Full Car History Check?

If you are short listing a vehicle, we advise you to go for a free vehicle check history. However, if you are close to buying a used car, it is best to go for a full vehicle check. We provide free and full vehicle checks at the cheapest price (£9.99) in the UK. Even the free report equips you thoroughly in making an informed buying decision. Start your car buying spree from today!






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