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Your vehicle needs to be replaced, and you want to buy a used one to stretch your money as far as possible. In the used car market, there are unquestionably significant savings to be had, as well as the chance to get a lot of cars for your money – provided you acquire the right vehicle at the right price.

But which vehicle is the best? Well, to begin with, it’s one that has the complete service history that it claims, doesn’t have any outstanding finance against it, has no concealed or unreported damage and has not been stolen.

Why is it necessary to get a vehicle history report?

Even if a used car seller claims to have cleared the issues with the car, it is highly recommended to check for the vehicle’s hidden history before making a decision. It’s better to spend a little money and be safe than sorry.

The attractive purchase of the used car might appear spotless, especially if a wise seller has spent some money cleaning it, yet the bright metal could be concealing horrors. Of these, outstanding finance is the most frequent issue. Payments may indicate that the individual trying to sell you the car is different from the vehicle’s valid owner.

Or the issues could be considerably more threatening, including mileage that has been wrongfully rolled back to make the car seem like a better deal than it is, a technique known as “clocking.” It’s dishonest and possibly harmful.

Full Car Checks: Comparison of the Cheapest Alternative in the UK

Vehicle History Check Providers
Basic Check
Full Check
Car Analytics
The Auto Experts
Total Car Check

The top slot on this list goes to Car Analytics for several good reasons, notwithstanding the possibility that we may be slightly biased. The 3 reasons are listed below:

30-day access: Car Analytics runs on a 30-day access, which is different from all the other service providers on this list. Therefore, you pay for a 30-day access rather than paying for individual checks. In contrast to other providers, Car Analytics offers 30 days of platform access for £9.99. During this period, you can shortlist several vehicles, compare them to one another, and get two thorough buyer’s reports. You can then take all the time you need to decide whether to purchase. 

In the event of an immediate data claim, Car Analytics will provide priority support at an additional cost of just £2.

Valuation Data: The 5-band valuation data comes with the basic complete car check at just £1.99, which other providers like Total Car Check do not cover.

Essential Checklist: The reg car check reports are fully comprehensive, which means they cover everything from mileage discrepancies, what to look out for during a test drive, MOT status, MOT history, number of previous owners/registered keepers, number plate changes, and repair information, to whether if a used car has been stolen, written off, or has outstanding loans.

The Autoexperts have become the essential game players in the complete car check providers list within a short period. They have stuck to a single package scheme for an entire car check at £9.99, skipping the basic checks available with other total car check providers.

An exciting part is you can get exclusive 5-band valuation data at just £2.99. You will receive five excellent estimations, including the dealer forecourt price, private clean, trade retail, private average, part exchange, auction price, trade average, and trade poor prices.

The data source from auction websites, auto advertising, ex-fleet, dealer websites, and lease vehicle valuations are gathered and combined using this tool. It also considers depreciation costs for particular autos and dealer transactions to provide you with the most realistic selling or buying price for the vehicles.

Total Car Check

Total Car Check offers a car history report which reveals information such as mileage and MOT history, while a full check will tell you.

The £8.99 full check will inform you whether the car has been written off, has outstanding finance, was scrapped, had its VIN checked, was stolen, has a valuation, and comes with a £30,000 guarantee. The primary check will confirm basic information like mileage and MoT history, which total car check claims to start from 1.99 but is not. If you are getting it for a single check, this silver check costs 3.99, whereas 1.99 is the cost of getting 5 silver checks if we see it in detail.

There is no 5-band valuation in their basic silver check package, which is concerning.

People also ask

Ofcourse! Always check the car’s history before purchasing a used vehicle to see if there is any outstanding finance, if it has ever been reported stolen, or if it has ever been written off. If there are any problems with the used car, a car check could help you avoid wasting time, money, and even headaches.

A full vehicle check costs around £9.99 with comprehensive data sourced from DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), DVSA, Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), Police National Database(PND), and Experian along with a £30,000 data guarantee.

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