A Guide to buy a Full HPI Check like a Pro

Buying a used car is full of risks. It could cost you thousands if you weren’t prepared enough. Therefore, always buy an HPI check before purchasing a used car. If you are new to “HPI”, this article will tell you all about it.

What is An HPI Check?

The HPI check refers to the car history check service. It’s called HPI because HPI (Hire Purchase Investigation) was the first to introduce it in the market. However, all UK vehicle check providers now use the term HPI to refer to a vehicle check.

Why was it needed? The UK car market was getting full of frauds. People were getting scammed by private car dealers in different ways. Therefore, HPI introduced a vehicle check service to reveal hidden information about cars, bikes, and vans. Thus, providing car buyers with a way to make an informed decision in just a few bucks.

Who Benefits from HPI Check?

People who can’t afford to buy a new car can benefit from an HPI check. A new vehicle is free of scams, but a used car scam may cost you thousands of pounds. Sometimes, a suspicious used car may make you stand in front of a jury.

How so? If you end up buying a stolen car, the UK police may consider you a thief. Moreover, the UK market is full of cars bought on finance. So, it remains their property even if you pay the full amount to the seller. And proving yourself innocent may take ages. Therefore, if you are a used-car buyer, it’s wise to bother an HPI check prior to purchasing.

What Does an HPI Check Tell You About a Car?

The HPI check reveals the following information sourced directly by DVLA, Experian, etc.,

  • Stolen record
  • Write-Off category
  • Outstanding finance
  • Number of previous owners
  • Recorded as Scrapped
  • Import/Export Status
  • Number plate modification
  • Mileage anomaly
  • Valuation
  • Logbook check
  • Running fuel cost
  • VIN/Chassis check
  • MOT status

It takes your vehicle’s registration number, and voila! You get all the above information to ensure the car you are buying is 100% secure.

What other benefits are included in HPI Check?

Getting complete car history benefits you in other ways too. The HPI check also includes the vehicle’s colour, mileage discrepancies, number of previous owners, identification data, etc. All this information reveals any kind of red flag associated with the car on sale.

Do you know 1 out of 16 HPI checks reveals mileage anomaly? It means the odometer of the car you are buying shows incorrect mileage. So, why pay a high amount for the vehicle that covered more miles than it’s showing?

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How Can I Get a Cheapest HPI Check?

HPI Ltd still provides a vehicle check service but at a high price. They charge £19.99, but there is a cheaper alternative. All vehicle checks providers in the UK source information either from DVLA, Experian, or other government authorities. The data is the same but in less price. So, why pay more when it’s available at less cost.

If you are looking for the cheapest option, the following companies provide car checks at very low prices:

  • The Auto Experts
  • Car Analytics
  • Total Car Check
  • RAC
  • Theaa, etc.

We are affiliated with The Auto Experts are providing the cheapest full HPI check revealing information about a car. It does not require any sign-up and other information other than the car’s registration number.


Buying an HPI check prior to purchasing a used car is extremely important. Why risk thousands of pounds for just £19.99? If you think it’s high, go for the websites mentioned in the article. They provide the same HPI check at £9.99 with a data guarantee of £30,000. So, there is no risk of incorrect information by buying from them.


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