DVLA MOT History Check

dvla mot history check

In the UK, it’s a legal requirement for a vehicle to have a valid MOT certificate, yet many drivers on the road ignore this obligation. A DVLA  MOT history check ensures a car is roadworthy and meets UK law’s minimum safety and environmental standards. A questionable MOT details of a vehicle can indicate that it may need costly repairs in the future, even if it currently has a valid MOT status. It’s worth noting that a car without an MOT cannot be taxed or insured by its owner.

Conducting a DVLA MOT check is crucial for  purchasing a used car. It can give you an idea of the car’s overall condition and whether it’s been properly maintained by its previous keepers. A vehicle without a valid MOT certificate should not be considered roadworthy and may be unsafe to drive. Reviewing the MOT history can help you avoid potential safety issues and costly repairs, ensuring you make an informed and safe purchase.


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Stolen Car Check

stolen car check

Car theft is a serious crime that can have devastating consequences for the victim. Whether you’re buying a used car or want to check the history of your vehicle, a stolen car check is an essential tool to help you stay safe and avoid potential legal issues.

Both the police and insurer databases will quickly flag the vehicle as “stolen,” making it visible to ANPR cameras on the road. You could face serious legal consequences, including prosecution, if caught driving a stolen vehicle. Therefore, checking if a car has been reported stolen before purchasing a used vehicle is crucial to avoid any potential legal and safety issues.

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Outstanding Finance Check – Check if a Car Is on Finance

outstanding finance check

In the UK, selling a car with unpaid finance attached to it is illegal, but unfortunately, some sellers may still attempt to do so. Owning a car with outstanding finance can be a significant problem as you’ll have to prove that you have a legal right to own the vehicle, which can be complicated and expensive. That’s why conducting an outstanding finance check is a crucial step in the car buying process.


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A Guide to buy a Full HPI Check like a Pro

cheapest hpi check

Buying a used car is full of risks. It could cost you thousands if you weren’t prepared enough. Therefore, always buy an HPI check before purchasing a used car. If you are new to “HPI”, this article will tell you all about it. What is An HPI Check? The HPI check refers to the car history …

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Find Vin Number From Registration Plate

vin check

What is a VIN? VIN stands for a vehicle identification number. It is a 17-character code that includes both letters and numbers and identifies private and commercial vehicles. A chassis number of a car is also another term for its VIN number. Where to Find VIN Number? The VIN is usually located on the dashboard at …

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Check if V5C logbook is Original

v5c logbook

How to Verify if the V5C Logbook Is Genuine? The V5C logbook is the official document that proves you are the owner of a vehicle. It’s also sometimes called a registration certificate. The V5C has a unique reference number, which is also called a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). If you’re buying a car, it’s important …

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Car Ownership Transfer Guide – What to do When Buying or Selling?

transfer car ownership

  Part of every sale, either privately or as a dealer, requires DVLA to change the car’s ownership. Buying or selling a used car involves a lot of effort, including correctly transferring the car’s ownership. This guide stipulates the step you must take to correctly assign the car’s ownership and understand the difference between a car …

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